Two Processions – Sunday, Oct 3rd and Monday, Oct 4th

To mark the beginning of the Nine Emperor Gods Festival 2010, with great fanfare, the Emperor will be collected from the river on the evening of October 3rd, 2010 and brought back to the waiting throngs at the Nine Emperor Gods Temple in Ampang. As usual, the procession will leave the temple around 7pm, returning with the Emperor just before midnight.And then the 2010 festivities truly begin!

This year, we will celebrate the renovations at the temple with a second, even bigger procession, on Monday, Oct 4th that will wind through the streets of Ampang Jaya before returning to the temple.  All of the newly refurbished temple deities will be carried along the parade route, escorted by dancing dragons and lions and floats sponsored by temples and organizations from throughout Malaysia.  When the procession arrives back at the temple, the gods will be placed in the newly renovated temple and the people will then be able to enter the temple and pay their respects.

Here’s a map of the parade route for October 4th.  Below the map is the announcement of the procession that was given to the Chinese press today.  Roughly translated it invites visitors to view the procession beginning at 7pm when the temple deities will be paraded through the streets to bring blessings of good fortune for safety, health, fertility and smooth operations of business and agricultural ventures.  People are invited to bring offerings to the gods (fruit, flowers, rice, tea and money) to pay their respects when the gods have been placed in the temple.

Route of the Procession, Oct 4th 2010

Procession Announcement

3 responses to “Two Processions – Sunday, Oct 3rd and Monday, Oct 4th

  1. Hi Cheryl! I’m super impressed that you have a blog dedicated to the Emperor Gods festival! Time someone did one! Welldone and for posting your photos as well.

  2. Beautiful job, Cheryl. I love these photos. It looks so much better than I remember. Thanks for sharing and caring!

  3. Dear Miss Cheryl
    Information is very accurate, thanks for sharing. I will be shooting some pics too.

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