Ready in the Rain

They say… that the rains come with the Nine Emperor Gods Festival. And if my personal experience holds true, there will be heavy rains again this year. I got my first taste of the wet last evening when I ventured out to take this photo. There were a lot of strange stares and shaking heads as I stood under an umbrella waiting for the right combination of twilight and lightbulbs. The result though is pleasing and seems worth it. I understand that the doors were revealed and the statue of Tua Pek Gong was empowered in the early hours of the morning today. The temple is ready.

The Nine Emperor Gods Temple in Ampang glows under an evening sky

One response to “Ready in the Rain

  1. I love this image. The light is so striking that it looks like a cardboard cut-out model created as a special effect for a movie. I’d like to see it in a larger format.

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