Guarding the temple Guardians

Here’s a look at the new doors on the main sanctuary of the Nine Emperor Gods Temple in Ampang.  The Taoist flags have been arranged there to indicate that it isn’t yet time to open the doors.   That is for the Emperor to decide.   Hopefully, he stays with the plan and the doors will be ceremoniously opened on Monday (Oct4) night/early Tuesday (Oct5) morning when the Emperor and the other gods are returned to the temple.

8 responses to “Guarding the temple Guardians

  1. Just wanna say that u did a real great job here in this blog, very informative and very nice pics as well.. really appreciate your efforts.. thanks a lot 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for the info and keep up with the great work and blog. I was there today and I was told you were there too today interviewing people. Great job!

    • Thanks Andrew! I really like to talk to people about the festival and find out what it means to them. Everyone has a different interpretation. See you there!

  3. Hi Cheryl,

    nice coverage on the 9 Emperor Gods festival. too bad this year, I don’t get to go. I am busy with work and personal commitments.

    We met during the festival last year at the backstage of the opera house while photographing the opera singers to get prepared for their act. not sure if you remember.

    Here is a link to my last visit to the temple.

    Looking forward to seeing more photos from you. Maybe we can meet up one day for lunch. I’ll ask John out ask well.

  4. Cheryl, your myriad talents, including as a professional photographer and cultural geography specialist are first rate! And marrying those talents with today’s new media technology is another brilliant idea. Congratulations on another achievement in sharing your perspectives about the Nine Emperor Gods Festival and related culture with Malaysians, via an American lens. Syabas-lah! Gerard George

    • Thanks Gerard. You say the nicest things. I really do enjoy this and I am beginning to understand what my role is in all of this. Making some great friends too.

  5. Hi Cheryl. Great effort you put in there.
    Are you the outstanding English lady that’s doning the white scaft and carrying a big camera? Because you really stand out of the crowd when I was at the temple to watch the parade yesterday.
    Hope you have a meaningful and enjoyable experience this year at the festival.

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