2011 Nine Emperor Gods Festival Starts next week!

It’s time to get the dates on your calendar so that you don’t miss the events of 2011! This year’s Nine Emperor Gods festival begins with a procession to collect the Emperor. The procession takes place the evening of Sept 26th – that’s Monday. In Ampang, the procession starts at about 8pm from the Kau Ong Yah Lam Thian Kiong Temple at about 8pm and returns, in a raucous parade of lions and dragons and devotees, to the temple at about midnight. I will miss the Ampang festivities this year – but I will be in Penang at a lovely, small Nine Emperor Gods Temple on Hong Kong St. I will be blogging from there, so stay tuned for updates on the Emperor from Penang! Meanwhile, if you are a newcomer, I suggest that you browse back through the posts from last year and that will help you get acquainted with what goes on in Ampang. I’ve posted a schedule of events at the Ampang temple in a list on the left here. Hope that helps my KL friends. Enjoy!

15 responses to “2011 Nine Emperor Gods Festival Starts next week!

  1. Hi Cheryl!
    Hopefully I dont miss the procession to invite procession this year – have been missing it for years!!! Will miss you at Ampang. I might be up in Penang for the last day of the celebrations – if I can get off work. A friend invited me to go see what it’s like in Penang. Who knows, might bump into you there. Looking forward to your pics!

  2. woops, pardon the typo. I meant “hopefully I dont miss the invite procession this year” ;p

  3. Can anyone advise the location of this temple as, being an unaware expat, google does not recognise it so I am lost so to speak

    • Hey Stuart! Are you signed up for my MCG tour on Oct 3rd? But for sure it would be good for you to go there in the early days. Hope that Joey’s map link helped. Also, there is a map link on the Blogroll on the left hand side. Clear directions. See you soon.

  4. Stuart, key in “Kau Wong Yeh” in the google map, or try this (sorry, not sure if it works) http://maps.google.com.my/maps/place?cid=10549690395090529948&q=kau+wong+yeh&hl=en&ved=0CA4Q-gswAA&sa=X&ei=J7J6Tu21B4XFkgWRpbD1CA
    Am a bit tied up with work and unsure if I will get to go, or else would be most please to take you there 🙂

    • Thanks for the help! I will be at the small temple on Hong Kong St in Penang if you get there. Hope to see you. Cheryl

      • Not sure of the name of the street of the temple I’m visiting in Penang (if I do get to go). But will try to catch you at Hong Kong St if I’m in Penang & time permits 🙂

  5. Hi Cheryl,
    Nice to hear from you again after a year! Hope you will go to Ipoh’s Kau Ong Yeh’s temple next year. It is a big temple with millions of devotees too. It is called Tow Boo Keong Temple, located along Tokong Road near Pasir Pinji. Give it a try! This is the temple my mom and I used to go very long long ago when I was a little girl. I am sure you will like it too.

    • Hello again! Won’t make it to Ipoh this time but another year. I hope to have a list of all the temples that belong to the Nine Emperor God Temple Association and will post it here. We should try to go to them all!

  6. Yes, I was at this temple last year just before the festival. It is beautiful. I hope to get there one day while I am in Penang. See you!

  7. Hi Cheryl, nice to meet u. Looking forward to see your photo.

    • @Alex. Good to meet you there today. Do you post your photos? I would like to see them if possible. Your family is beautiful. Hope that you enjoy the site. Next post coming soon!

  8. when is it officially starting? (the vegetarian diet)

    • @big shark. We’re there! All of the temples invited the god tonight. So be vegetarian starting now and especially if you are going to the temple. Great vegetarian food here in Penang.

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