Kau Ong Yah pays a visit to Ampang last May!

A few months ago the Kau Ong Yah Lam Thian Kiong Temple of Ampang held a 20 Km radius Ancestor and Thanksgiving ritual. It was a beautiful ceremony over several days in which the temple fulfilled its obligations to the Lost Souls roaming about the Ampang area. The festivities were complete with a special visit by Kau Ong Yah, resplendent paper mansions and a huge burning. Here are some of my photos.  This was just one way that the temple is preparing for this year’s Nine Emperor Gods Festival.

Goddess of Mercy

Homes for the Lost Souls – with all the luxuries!

The heavens participated one evening with a great lighting show.

Koh Ong Yah was in residence during the ceremonies

Paper Gods carried to the open lot for burning

Some familiar faces around to help out

It all made for a huge symbolic fire.

2 responses to “Kau Ong Yah pays a visit to Ampang last May!

  1. I have a few questions:
    1) Is there a package for the devoter to stay over the temple and watch the opera for nine days?
    2) What type of opera is showing for this year? Cantonese?
    3)My mom is a heart patient, will it be safe for her to stay there for 9 days?
    Appreciate you can enlighten me.


    • Hi Jeannie. Thanks for the questions. I’m not an official from the temple so can only tell you what I have figured out myself. Yes, you can get rooms and meals for a small fee to stay at the temple for Nine days. You should go to the temple in Ampang on this Saturday or Sunday morning to check on availability. They are quite full usually as people come back year after year. I think that your Mom would be okay there. It’s crowded but many older women come and watch the opera and pray.
      The opera is the same every year. It’s Amoy opera – the one from Fujian. Different from the Cantonese.
      Why don’t you visit the temple one day/evening this year and see what it’s like and then decide if you want to stay there with your mother another year.
      I hope this helps.

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