Shots from the Neighbourhood

My introduction to the Nine Emperor Gods Festival in Penang has been Hong Kong St. And I’m learning fast that there is a lot going on all around me!
There are hawker stalls selling tastey vegetarian food for the devotees – identifiable by the yellow banner.
The prayer shops are full to overflowing.
There is a small temple called Tiong Sim Thnuah in a shop house across the street from Tow Boh Keong that has a special lure. They are drawing energy from Tow Boh Keong, for sure, but have their own traditional rituals. Late on the evening of invitation, the drums were loud, the trances intense and the energy contagious.
They use this implement called a “yuki” to call the gods. It is held by two men at one time, to create a kind of brotherhood trance. More on this later, I hope, as I spend some time there and talk to them.

A short distance from Hong Kong St is an old temple to Kwan Yin Hood Chor, that opens up a special side altar to the Nine Emperor Gods for the festival dates. Its location on Jalan Burma makes it very accessible and therefore very popular with Penangites and tourists alike. It lights up at night like this…

6 responses to “Shots from the Neighbourhood

  1. Cheryl,
    I’m loving this blog from Penang. Wish I could join you as we did last year in Ampang. Thanks for making it all come alive for us at long distance! Brilliant. Every year gets better with your photos to bring it alive. J

  2. This is fantastic!!!! I will go to Ampang on Monday, but am considering also going to Penang for the weekend to see the festival. Do you Know which would be the best Place to see it in Penang? And would we see more or different rituals in Penang as compared to Ampang? Won’t be in Malaysia too long this time, as we are moving to Nigeria, so must decide between Penang and other destinations for the weekend!!
    Thanks for your advice!! Andrea

  3. Nice shot of the temple at Burmah Road. Brings back fond memories of my school days when I sometimes frequent that temple and joked with my friends that if you turn left, you end up in Hell (God of the Hades) and if you turn right, you go to Heaven (Nine Emperor) and if you go straight, it is Nirwana. Thanks for the info on the Ampang Nine Emperor Gods Festival. Helps a lot to time my visits. For some strange reason, I decided to blog the daily ongoing around and in the temple.

    • @ Sean. I really like your blog! You really capture the essence. And where are you taking those high shots from? Great job on this. It’s time consuming to blog every day – so good on you! I’ve added it to the blogroll here. Keep it coming! Thanks.

  4. Thanks Cheryl. Love your photos – they are all so well composed. I took those shots from my balcony at Ampang Prima. If you stand at the arch of the temple and look towards Bandar Baru Ampang, you can see the block of apartments. You’re going to be there for the crossing the bride ceremony or the fire walking this year?

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