New Nine (2) from the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, Penang, 2011

1. A woman prays to the Emperor while holding paper figures representing her family.  I think this is a Penang idea.  Am I correct?

2. Guan, calling the god to help prepare the talismans.  A short while later, a medium, in trance, was drawing blood from his tongue with a large, sharp sword.

3. Some young people from the temple pose for a photo before heading out to pay their respects to several of the nearby Nine Emperor God temples.

4. I gave my blog address card to some people on the Chew Jetty.  When I went back there a couple of days later, I found my card on the bulletin board, along with the calendar of events for the festival!  Thank you.

5. Uncle Poh Hong has a chat with his friend, before the priests begin the evening prayers on the 6th day.

6. This Taoists priest posed graciously for a photo at the end of the the ritual prayers.  He has been coming to the Tow Boh Keong, Hong Kong St temple for many years.

7. “And the winner is…”  Choosing the person who will become the caretaker of the Nine flags of the temple until next year’s festival.

8. A priest enters the inner sanctuary where the Emperor is in residence, as part of a ritual on the evening of the 6th day.  The sanctuary is very private and only a selected number of temple members are allowed to enter.  Even having the curtains open slightly, like this, is a rare occurrence during the festival

9. This is the end of the Yeoh Jetty. Hmmmm.  This is jetty from which the Hong Kong St boats leave at midnight on the Ninth day.  Should be an interesting walk in the dark, even if the tide is out!  I am presuming though that the Emperor will provide for the devoted.

3 responses to “New Nine (2) from the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, Penang, 2011

  1. That’s an interesting shot, the lady with the thay sin (representative body). The look on her face is so intense. I only know people use it during the Jade Emperor’s birthday. I would laugh at the fact that an unmarried woman or man, even if they are 80 years old, must get a child’s thay sin. What a way to stay young!

    • @ Sean – yes, she was quite serious about her prayers. Those Thay Sin that she is holding represent her family members, married and unmarried, male and female. There are 4 combinations available. One year, I would like to come to your balcony and take a few photos when the smoke is intense, if that’s okay. I won’t be at the Ampang Temple – I am in Penang for the last days.

  2. I didn’t know that there is a Jade Emperor’s place at Jalan Tun HS Lee. Usually I am in Penang for the Jade Emperor’s birthday (I get to do all the red paper decorations). Must check it out one day. Sure, no problem. Waiting to see more pics of the celebration from Penang.

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