Sharing the fun and the blogs and the photo tips!

Today is a sharing day.  The joy in this photo has to bring a smile to your face!  Was everyone having as much fun as we were?

I haven’t been to the Ampang temple for two days but I can tell by the posts out there that a few of you have been!

Blogger Sean Liew shot some video at the Nine Emperor Gods Temple yesterday.  Day 2 is a very fun day that includes an evening procession to invite the Finance Minister to the temple.  Check out the post here:

I was in JB yesterday at the Sam Sieng Keng Temple for their Nine Emperor Gods celebration. Check out their Facebook Page here.  I will post some photos from my visit there soon.  Meanwhile you can check out Nat Geo photographer Justin Guariglia’s photo of the lovely Taoist priestess at the Sam Sieng Temple.  Then you can see mine tomorrow!

If you are looking for more info on the festival and some good photo tips from a pro, TV Smith shares his wisdom on his blog

And here is another good photographer (Tennyson) posting some photos.  You should have a look.

A young photographer, Oh Bengkooi just sent me two face book albums, so have a look here and here.

And please send me a link to your photos and stories.  It’s like the lucky money in the ang pow – use it to buy rice, share the rice with friends, and your luck will grow.


2 responses to “Sharing the fun and the blogs and the photo tips!

  1. Hi Cheryl,

    Need not say, you’re one busy lady, traveling from places to another in searching for good pics.

    Anyways, 3rd day of the festival has ended yesterday, so is the fire crossing ceremony held at the Kajang Nine Emperor Temple.

    I did post some pics for yesterdays event. And for the fire crossing event, its a video of myself walking through it.

    You can check it out whenever you’re free.


    • Wow! That is some great footage. I loved all the sounds too, especially when you could hear Natcha. I am going to try to post this on my blog, at least a link. You should post on your blog that I have posted on mine when you see it. You will get more hits that way. May I join next year! I would love to visit Kajang again. I have been there for a Hungry Ghost festival but not yet for Kow Ong Yah. Great blog. Awesome energy. Thanks for sharing. Cheryl

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