What to Expect on the 6th Day, October 20th

Let’s start by hoping for some blue sky for a little contrast!Saturday, October 20th is the 6th day of the Nine Emperor Gods Festival.  In Ampang at 2pm, the mediums will invite the gods to the temple to help perform the ritual ceremony of feeding the armies of the generals that are protecting the camp.  Buckets of food are prepared and presented, while hundreds of devotees watch over the proceedings.  Then Kow Ong Yah will inspect the grounds, starting with the 4 corners.  He will then make his rounds through the dormitories to the joy of the women staying there.

Here are a few photos from a couple of years ago, when I was there.

And here are two photos that I found while looking for these of Day 6.  Because they brought a smile to my heart, I wanted to share.

2 responses to “What to Expect on the 6th Day, October 20th

  1. Hi Cheryl, great pictures!

    It was indeed quite tricky to capture some of the action at the festival but we tried. As requested, here is a link to our post about our visits on day 6 and 9 to Ampang in Kuala Lumpur.


    Your site helped us to know what to expect in advance – thank you.


    • Great post and your photos are pretty good considering how busy the place was on Saturday and that it was your first visit. I will give it a ping later today when I plan on posting links to some other sites as well. I’m glad that my blog helped you out a bit. I’m impressed that you got in to the house where they make some of the turtles! Good exploring!

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