About this Blog

This is the third year for this blog.  I have linked it with my website this year for some added punch and maybe some of you will have a look at my other photography at: cheryljhoffmann.com

If you want to understand something about the basics of the Nine Emperor Gods festival, there is a lot of information here from the last two years if you scroll back through the posts.  I have updated the calendar for 2012 so you can keep track of the days of the festival as we move through the nine days.

I welcome new viewers and those who are returning again this year.  After a really interesting time in Penang  last year at the Nine Emperor Gods Temple on Hong Kong St. I return to Ampang for 2012.  I will be posting from the festival this year, which is something new to me.   Hope to meet you somewhere along the way.  Enjoy the Festival and may you find the balance that the Ninth Moon offers to us all.

I will post good links as I find them under blogroll.  If you have links to photos and information, feel free to send them along using the comments button on the top of each post.  I look forward to all of your comments.   Cheryl

13 responses to “About this Blog

  1. Love the website! Great idea to keep interested parties informed of the renovation and the schedule of events. Look forward to more photographs.
    Shame I cannot be there too.
    Good job, Vicki

  2. nice work…

  3. Very good info and intienery of this event! Thanks for sharing

  4. Hi Cheryl, nice meeting you are the venue. Here are some of my shots from Oct 3rd. http://lurker.smugmug.com/Events/9-Emperor-Festival/14025659_xW9kH#1032083660_MwWCD

  5. A good site that been long awaiting for, well done!

  6. Hello, nice to meet u, keep in-touch, any news or story……..;-D

  7. GREAT JOB Cheryl.. if the world have more people like you who appreciate other’s culture and tradition, the world will certainly be a better place.

  8. Love the photos…

  9. Nice work. Your growing base of fans wants to know: what’s next?

  10. Lovely photos and update!! Wonderful job Cheryl…Nine Emperor Gods bless u…Cheers…Very Well done!!

  11. I’m very inspired by your works! I came across your blog while I was uploading my photos of this similar festival which was conducted according to Thai Buddhist rites.
    Look fwd to more of your photos 🙂

  12. thks for sharing your photos & pls keep them coming! i’m very inspired by your works.
    i recently covered a similar festival which was performed based on the rites of Thai Buddhism. here’s some of those photos though i’ve yet to upload all of them.


    cheers 🙂

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