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Schedule for Nine Emperor Gods Festival 2012 in Ampang


I have posted the latest schedule of events here:  http://cheryljhoffmann.com/category/9emperor/

The procession to pick up the Emperor is Sunday evening October 14th.  Come join the fun.


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Tow Boh Keong, Hong Kong St, Georgetown, Penang

Welcome to Hong Kong St. I met the team last night and we have a great festival planned. Tonight we invite the god. And for the next nine days there will be prayers and processions and good vegetarian food (we are in Penang after all!).
Here are some shots taken yesterday.

I arrived to see them putting up the bamboo pole of invitation.
This next shot actually says it all about this place – they are a team!!!

And up it goes at the end of Hong Kong St, marking the location of the festival. I understand that the place where they erected the pole has been exactly the same spot for more than 100 years.

Because the temple is small, they can use their beautiful, old ornamentations without fear of them being damaged. If you visit you can see these handmade artifacts – painted glass, silk embroidery and more.



Tonight we welcome the Emperor God! Stay tuned.

20110926-104941.jpg BTW, I’m trying these posts from my iPad. Excuse me while I sort it out. It is rather fun though!