The Beauty of the World

I took this shot this morning at the Nine Emperor Gods Temple.  The Swamiji from a neighbouring Hindu temple came to pay his respects.  Such a lovely moment.  Sorry no time to post more.  Lots going on up there and the procession preparations are underway.  The lantern pole is up and ready.  It took a while to get it balanced but the fact that it is now perfect bodes well for the next 9 days.

7 responses to “The Beauty of the World

  1. this is my temple priest, Sivasri Guna Gurukal, chief priest of Sri Maha Muniswarar temple Bandar Baru Ampang

  2. preparing to go kau ong yah procession, never miss since my childhood. ampang indians most lovely god

  3. OMG I love it Cheryl! You captured it so beautifully.

  4. We had a lovely time up there this evening. Going to sleep now, knowing you are still there! That is somehow very comforting.

  5. Amazing shot,love it!!

  6. Hi Cheryl,

    Firstly, read your blog early this year about 9 emperor festival. And am fascinated about doing coverage myself here at Sungai Chua 9 emperor temple, Kajang, Selangor. I’ll create a blog and will link it to yours. :)))

    Hope you’re taking a rest from a busy day (its 12.22am).

    Me, I just got back from the procession a little while ago., took some cool pics and tonnes of videos.

    Till then,

    • It will be great to see your photos and read some of your stories. There are so many different ways to approach the Nine Emperor Gods Festival. Try to post some photos soon and I will have a look at your blog!
      Thanks, Cheryl

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