October 4th Procession – TODAY!

Just a quick press for those of you looking for information about tonight’s Nine Emperor Gods Festival procession.

A map to the temple is on tv smith’s mycen blog which is linked in the left column on this page. Get there VERY early.  The procession will be staged all along Jalan Merdeka, south from the temple so don’t even try to park in those lots in the area if you arrive after 5pm.
The procession will be huge! More than 50 floats with 16 dragons and lots and lots of lion dance troupes.  All of the gods from the Nine Emperor Gods Temple will be paraded through the streets with drumming and excited crowds and too many smokey joss sticks. The procession will depart the temple at 7pm. I expect that by 5pm the lions and dragons will begin paying their respects to the Emperor so there will be some good photo ops in daylight at that time. The procession will take hours and hours as it winds through Ampang Jaya. Check out the map on the Two Processions blog I did earlier if you want to know the route and chase it.  When the Emperor and the other deities return, they will be placed in their newly renovated altars. You can expect this to happen about 2AM.
Get ready for a long, raucous and very enjoyable evening!  If you plan to photograph, be sure to bring lots of memory cards and a couple of extra batteries.

Here are a few photos I grabbed quickly from last night’s shoot.  If you have photos from last night that you can get into an online gallery, let me know and I’ll post a link.

The Photographers' Favorite Dragon

Street Scene, Pekan Ampang, Nine Emperor Gods Procession, Oct 3rd

Why I Love This Festival!

2 responses to “October 4th Procession – TODAY!

  1. Stuart Wakefield

    Sincere thanks for sharing all of this fascinating detail and, of course, your excellent pictures add another dimension.

  2. I must say this blog really give everyone a very fullview of the events, I like it very much and it does help me to understand the background of Nine Emperoro God. Keep it update!

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